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About us

The Imagery of Tapestry.
Tapestry is the body of Christ in relationship, facilitating justice in the midst of the many injustices in the world.  If a person looked only at the back of a tapestry, they would see a chaotic mess of threads: tangled threads of different colors going in a hundred different directions; yet, when the tapestry is turned over, one sees the beauty and the power of each thread. This image also represents the working of the body of Christ.  For Tapestry, the call to right relationship (justice) is a mandate to create beauty from ashes.  It was Jesus’ call in Luke 4:18-19, which describes Him reading from the scroll of the book of Isaiah, and our mandate in Matthew 28 to disciple "nations."

Tapestry International’s vision is to see the implementation of God’s shalom  (transformation and restoration) in the lives of God’s people--individually and corporately--in such a way that it facilitates shalom in individuals, lands, cities, people groups, and nations in their sphere of influence.
Tapestry International’s mission is to mentor, coach, train, journey with, and support catalytic and indigenous leaders who are specifically called to justice in the midst of such issues as systemic poverty, gender and race inequity, homelessness, and forced prostitution and trafficking, etc in a particular area or context of the world.
We have leaders, partners, and threads in South Dakota, Los Angeles, SE Asia, and Kenya, Africa.


Tapestry co-labors with mutual leaders, partners, and threads in order to accomplish the vision that God has given us to steward.




Threads are ministries/organizations that are an internal part of the ministry of Tapestry, but maintain their own identity and call within their context and area of justice. The directors of every thread ultimately become part of the director team for the ministry of Tapestry. This tapestry of Threads creates a co-op of justice ministries that are able to support one another through each others gifts and resources.  We can do so much more together than alone. 


Partners are ministry leaders that have external ministries independent of the Tapestry International, but have chosen to partner with Tapestry, working toward a common justice movement in a particular/context or area.

Mutual Leaders.

Mutual leaders are ministry leaders that are stewarding justice in a particular context or area who has a relationship with Tapestry in some way.



Founded by the hand print of God in 2007, stewarded by Rev, Dr. Kimberly Kaveny-LaPlante, Exectutive Director.